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21 April 11


Art Brut - “Lost Weekend”
Director: Alex de Campi

I’m not sure how many of you are Art Brut fans, but their latest video debuted on Pitchfork on Monday morning. Why is Art Brut being featured on Fashion Tips From Comic Strips? Aside from the fact that Art Brut has been one of my favorite bands since 2006, their affinity toward comics (specifically those of the DC variety) was so notable that it merited them a tour of the DC Comics headquarters. Their album artwork for Art Brut vs. Satan and for their upcoming album, Brilliant! Tragic!, was created by Jeff Lemire and Jamie McKelvie, respectively; lead singer Eddie Argos also fronts Spoiler Alert!, a side project that provides the musical Cliff’s Notes for the origins of DC’s finest; and their latest video, “Lost Weekend,” was directed by Alex de Campi (an acclaimed comic writer herself).

So I’m sure you could imagine how thrilled I was to be an extra in their video for “Lost Weekend.” You can spot me at 0:38 and 0:48, doing what I do best :)

Head over to ComicsAlliance for an interview with de Campi on the video shoot, comics, and my charming debauchery.

Bonus: You can also spot my friend, artist Jason Clarke at 1:47!


[photo credit: Guy Eppel]

“Lost Weekend” single cover art, by Jamie McKelvie:

Be still, my phonomancer heart.

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    : ) Two of my WFNP friends/coworkers are in this vid. Sick.
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    Wish I’d been around for the video shoot, I got into town like a week late.
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    This is kind of special for me. I don’t know anything about Art Brut but I suspect I’m going to have to find out, given...
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  16. yasminliang said: I freakin’ love Art Brut, this is amazing. I haven’t listened to them for years, it’s great to see them still active.
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    Super jealous of Bethany, at the same time, it’s pretty sweet to watch a video and proclaim outloud “I know that...
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    OMG, that is so awesome!
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